Old School or New School

By: hotgothgeek

Feb 12 2015

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Ok so I was paying an on line game today and was chatting to one of the players.  We had an rgument over mucic

His views

Old School rock is the only rock that there could ever be.  He believes that bands like Metalica to Deep purple will always rule the stages

my Views

Hell ya I agree,  how many rock fans out there does not have at least one song from Metalica, AC/DC, Van Haylen etc but I also believe they are the foundation for the rock/ metal band that has made the music scene alive for the younger generation.  I love Korn, Disturbed, Ramstein, Marilyn Manson etc.  They made my youth better than I could have imagined.  I met amazing people who became close friends, I got to see my bands playing live and I got to experience my friends starting their own amazing bands.  So yes I agree with my single minded old school friend but I also believe that bringing in some New School can only make you rock experience better.

I asked him a gamers question in order to get my point across.  Doom 1 & 2 was amazing games when I was growing up.  But would I stick just to that when I  can play a game with better graphics, better sound and more challenges.  No I would want to evolve and experience all a gamer can experience.

Seems in the end my point was valued and I appreciate the challenge he gave me, small as it may seem. A debate is still a debate